Happy April, Natives! 
The seasons are officially changing and you may even see new buds and blossoms happening all around. Just as you see these things happening externally in nature, you can expect for your physical body to start doing the same as well. Everything about you is starting to bloom from within! When you are really in tune with your body, you will start to realize that a new season may call for different foods to consume that correspond with that new season. Foods that are in season for the spring and summer provide the perfect set of nutrients to keep you balanced. With that said, this month's featured herb is berry beneficial! 
Have you heard of Vitex Berry? 
Vitex berry, also known as chasteberry, is an herb that is very complimentary to the health of a woman's reproductive system. It supports the endocrine system and helps to rebalance hormonal function by stimulating the pituitary gland, which is the gland that regulates estrogen and progesterone in the body. The benefits of restoring hormonal function in this way creates a chain reaction of even more health benefits. For us women, when the hormones are properly balanced, we can experience a better relationship with our wombs (both physically and energetically) because the chronic womb ailments that we may be used to dealing with are finally healed as well.
Vitex berry helps to provide that healing by balancing out your menstrual cycle in general. So if you are experiencing irregular periods, you can count on Vitex berry to relieve this symptom thanks to its ability to reduce the prolactin levels in the pituitary gland responsible for causing the irregularity. It also helps to reduce the occurrence of fibroids, which is also an indication of imbalance in hormones due to increased estrogen activity. When using this herb consistently, you can also expect to see healing occur with PMS symptoms and endometriosis, as well as a reduction in menopausal symptoms for those who are currently transitioning into that beautiful part of womanhood too! If you are pregnant or nursing, this is a great herb to take during the first trimester to help prevent miscarriage and stimulates breastmilk production. Looking to get pregnant? This berry increases your fertility odds *winks* As you can see, this herb supports all women no matter what phase of life they are in!
For the men reading this, there's a little something here for you too! Vitex berry helps to balance your hormones as well by lowering testosterone levels which may help to prevent prostrate cancer. 
As with any herb, results are successful based on your commitment to using them effectively and consistently. For Vitex herb in particular, it may be several months before you see significant results, but you can definitely expect for the results to be more long-lasting! 
Vitex berry can be found in our new Herbal Infusion Blend called YinYang, a blend specifically designed to help relieve menstrual symptoms and balance hormones. Click here to purchase! 

3 comments "April Herb of the Month: Vitex Berry"

  • Lele

    Hi Tanya, I’m lookinf for a good tea to use for burning tummy fat
    Any suggestions on a good one?

  • Cheryl Young

    Hi Tanya Cheryl here from Calgary Alberta Canada,
    I was hoping you had an idea what type of tea is good to get rid of excess stomach ,big gut lol,
    gained excess weigt when I had a ip replacement and couldn’t walk, now my result is a bloated belly
    just hoping you have an idea
    Love from Canada, Cheryl Young
    P.S. I love you in little women Atlanta, I find you very humble and I love that you and your
    girl friend with the hair problem sorry I can’t remeber er name please let her know she
    rocks those wigs and she is beautiful with hair or no hair jus sayin xoxox Cheryl

  • Sherry

    I need something to help with my weight Menopause

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