August Herb of the Month: Astragalus

Beans, beans, good for your heart! The more you eat, the more you...well, you know the rest! 

Believe it or not, this month's herb is actually one that is considered a distant relative of the beans/legume family. 

Enter: Astragalus 

Commonly used in traditional chinese medicine, astragalus root is a great aide to healing the immune system. Stress can greatly affect the immune system, causing inflammation and a host of other problems. It's all connected! Another benefit of this herb is that it is naturally stress-inducing, thanks to its adaptogenic (stress and disease-fighting) properties. If you've been following me and have read my ebook,  you already know that there is a connection between our energetic/emotional and physical bodies. So having an herb like this is an awesome companion to holistic health. 

Along with easing inflammation in the body, it has the potential to slow down the growth of tumors, balance diabetes and help to correct heart-related health issues. We're talking some powerful healing on a cellular level! 

To seal the deal, astragalus root is also a wonderful aid in wound healer, encouraging the promotion of accelerated tissue regeneration. This herb makes a cool "first aid kit" combo with one of our previous herbs, white willow bark

Your immune system works hard, so treat it with the utmost care with this gift from the Earth! Astragalus is one of the key ingredients in our Immunitea Blend, now available for purchase! 


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  • Erostine Dunn

    What do you have or suggest for the digestive system.

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