Happy August! It's officially Back to School season! That came REALLY quick didn't it? 
The seasons are about to change again and pretty soon, "flu season" will be among us. There will be talk and urgency surrounding getting flu shots and the normalcy that comes with it. But what if we told you that there's an herb that will keep your immune system strong enough to block any viral or bacterial attacks that may be floating around in the upcoming weeks?  
Powerful Olive Leaf 
Olive leaf is well known for its anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that help to reduce various bacteria in the body. This means with regular consumption, you can reduce the amount of colds, flus and other viral infections that may try coming your way. If you've already caught it, it may be able to greatly reduce symptoms. Another benefit to these properties present in Olive Leaf is that its very effective in combating candida (yeast overgrowth in the digestive system and overall body) and fungi like nail fungus, athlete's foot and more. 
Its also known to help reduce inflammation in the body while also lowering blood pressure and regulating heartbeat. This is great news for those suffering from arthritis and heart issues. For those with diabetes, this herb helps to decrease insulin resistance and balances blood sugar levels which also keeps the production of sugar and inflammation at an all time low. 
BONUS: If you're looking to loose weight, Olive Leaf naturally helps to diminish food cravings! #LifeHack
Good for almost every body system! 
Not only does it help to boost the immune system, promote a healthy heart and reduce inflammation that can lead to dis-ease, it also helps to protect your skeletal system too as its properties prevent things like osteoporosis later on in life. Need a quick energy boost? Olive's got you! It has even been said and studied that it helps those suffering from herpes too! 
Although this super amazing herb is the ultimate healer, its taste may not be a favorite to most, as its quite bitter. That's why we've created capsules out of them so you can bypass your taste buds and get straight to the health benefits! Click on the picture below to purchase! 

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