February Herb of the Month: Sarsaparilla
This month is the month of LOVE. The month where everything you see in your travels is drowning in red hearts, chocolate candies, red roses, oversized teddy bears and balloons. 
February is the month where we see people young and old showing more love to their significant others, children and other loved ones. 
So how about we show a little more love to the red stuff flowing through our veins? Our blood! How can we show a little more love to the one thing that sustains our lives and helps to carry nutrients and oxygen to every part of our bodies? 
Sometimes you have to take the time to clear out any toxin buildup to allow your body systems to rebuild and strengthen themselves to keep working at its best. This is why fasting, detoxing and cleansing periodically is encouraged, along with consuming herbal infusions that help with the process! 
Enter: Sarsaparilla. One of nature's powerfully detoxing herbs! This herb reigns from the South American and Carribean regions of the world. 
Sarsparilla is a great detox herb to have by your side, as it cleans and purifies the blood by eliminating toxins and pouring in nourishment to boost blood health. Combined with some of our Burdock Root herb (you can also purchase that by clicking HERE), you would get a powerful internal cleanse!
This herb also contains anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe symptoms associated with the common cold as well as skin ailments and joint inflammation resulting in psorasis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis. It has a huge source of antioxidants, which also makes this herb a powerful ally to potentially help to prevent cancer (and help to treat certain cancer types) as well. Sarsaparilla is also said to help treat STDs such as gonorrhea and other general ailments such as indigestion and boosts in libido. 
In short, this herb is great to have by your side when you're preparing to internally detox and cleanse. It's even better to have by your side when its already in capsule form! Click HERE to purchase it in our shop! 

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  • Mary Lou Angel

    Hello my name is Marylou angel , I need to relax at night so that I came sleep with the pain I have on my lower lumber , I’m not taking no pain medication any more. I was wondering if u can help me..

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