January Herb Of The Month: Mullein
Happy New Year! We made it! 
The holiday rush is starting to wind down a bit and the kiddies are heading back to school. There's plenty of leftovers in the fridge from all the fun gatherings and the heat is cranked up to offset the deep chill of winter. In the previous months, our featured herbs have been those that help you to gently cleanse your digestive system from all those lovely indulgences you've had (check out those posts here and here). But this month we want to focus more on matters of the heart..or should I say, the lungs! 
With all of the sudden, inconsistent changes in weather that we have experienced since the fall, I think its pretty safe to say that our bodies have had a harder time adjusting. Some of you may be still suffering from allergies or are even noticing some respiratory issues flare up from the dry air swirling around.
Consider Mullein to be one of your respiratory system's best friends! Because of this herb's anti-inflammatory properties, it has the ability to soothe and protect the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. This means that when using this herb, you can find relief in allergic symptoms, asthma and the common cold as it relieves coughs and sore throats, breathing difficulties, congestion and other respiratory ailments. There have even been some studies done that point to its inclusion in the treatment of tuberculosis! Remember, inflammation is the root of the issues you have in this area. Once you heal the root, you heal yourself!

Speaking of the this herb's healing effects on the respiratory system, it is also a smokeable herb too!  We now sell it in its loose leaf form, as well as the crystal smoking wands to use them with! 
Who Ya Gonna Call? Bacteria-Buster!
Are you trying to detox from this season and are looking for other holistic aids to inner cleansing? Yup, this herb can help with that too. Mullein is also known for its anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties that can help to eliminate parasites from the digestive system, as well as eradicate very harmful bacteria such as E.coli and Staph.
Mullein's other benefits range from rebalancing the thyroid gland function, soothing skin irritations, to relief from headaches/migraines and even reducing insomnia! 
This is yet another herb that should definitely be in your natural arsenal. By now, you should have a huge apothecary growing!
P.S. Don't forget to check our new collections in the shop for all your herbal needs! 

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  • Laura Perez

    First off congratulations on your new baby girl ❤️ she is beautiful. I just wanted to say I love watching you on little women and I’m excited to check out your products. I have a few chronic issues that I want to try to address using something natural, I have been treated medically but I know the body is so amazing that it can heal itself. Thank you for creating all these awesome products. God bless and best wishes for your and family ?❤️

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