We sincerely hope that your new year has started off with an awesome bang! 
This month's featured herb is a special one, as it helps the fellas a little more spotlight this time around. Ladies, make sure your spouse, siblings, friends and loved ones gather around to read about this one! 
Saw Palmetto Berry is native to our country, with special emphasis to southern states like Georgia, Florida, as well as Cuba and the Bahamas. So if you reside in any of these places, there's a really good chance that they will be easy to find!
Men's Prostate Health & (In)fertility
A man's prostate is just as important as a woman's womb! In our lifetime, we have definitely seen increased rates of prostate cancer, which can sometimes start as prostate enlargement. Studies have shown potentially promising results that Saw Palmetto may help to prevent or reduce a medical condition called BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia); a slow, noncancerous yet abnormal enlargement of the prostate. There has also been recent healthcare reviews that gave saw palmetto a few gold stars, as it has proven to  improve urine flow and reduce nighttime urination. For men who are experiencing low sperm count, this herb can help to reverse infertility by helping to boost testosterone levels and improving the reproductive system altogether. (Remember, improving your diet and lifestyle along with all the above really makes a difference too!)
General Hair Growth, LUTS & More 
Saw Palmetto also has properties that benefit both men and women as well! This herb helps to address male and female pattern baldness by preventing further hair loss and boosting hair growth. It is also great at improving urinary tract function and also reducing LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms) that can manifest with symptoms like painful urination, increased frequency of urination, weak stream, and excessive nighttime urination. 
For those having high stress times during this time of the year, the adaptogenic and immune-supporting properties of this herb can help support the body by reducing the rate of adrenal fatigue and overall hormone balance. (For more stress reduction tips, check out our Bridging the Gap ebook here)
For women, this herb may help those suffering from PCOS by reducing symptoms associated with this condition like cystic acne and hirsutism (hair thinning or excess facial and body hair). When this herb is combined with Vitex, Licorice root and Nettle, its even more effective in reducing PCOS! (Vitex is featured in our womb-healing herbal blend, Yinyang, check it out here). 
These berries can be eaten whole, dried and used to make tea or into a liquid tincture. For your convenience, we are starting to sell Saw Palmetto! Check our IG stories for when it officially drops on the site! 

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