Welcome to July!
It's officially summer and the weather is blazing! All the more reason to seek out refreshing foods that will cool you down and clean you out. 
This month's featured herb is one most of us are already familiar with. You've probably already sprinkled it on a few summer dishes already! 
When it comes to detoxing, cilantro is a hidden gem. It's well-known for cleansing heavy metals from the body. On a regular basis, we are exposed to various heavy metals in our environment, food and various items. At some point, if these heavy metals aren't detoxed from the body, it can build up and cause a lot of problems. Cilantro works as a "chelator"; meaning it binds to heavy metals which allows your body to excrete them more readily. (For more help detoxing heavy metals from your skin in particular, our Detox Kits, as well as our Solar Fusion & Immunitea Herbal Blends are highly recommended!) 
Cilantro also helps to balance blood sugar levels, improves vision due to its potent Vitamin A content, helps to reduce the occurrence of UTIs, supports a healthy heart, soothes skin irritations and can possibly reduce anxiety as well. 
This herb tastes great and is easy to add in many types of dishes too! It brings a fresh, citrusy taste to whatever its added to. Especially for salads! One of the plant-based salad recipes we shared with our email subscribers featured this herb as well! (Make sure you get on the mailing list so you don't miss it!). Another bonus is that cilantro is pretty cheap and plentiful to get at most grocery stores and farmer's markets. 
 So as you gear up for the upcoming summer holidays and the good eating that comes with it, know that you have a detoxing ally by your side that's never too far out of reach!
How have you used cilantro in your diet lately? Let us know in the comments! 

2 comments "July Herb of the Month: Cilantro"

  • Falicia

    I’ve tried cilantro many times, but I just can’t get into the taste! Idk why it tastes like old socks to me. Wish I could enjoy the benefits without the overpowering taste :(

  • Maria

    Sadly, i haven’t had cilantro in my diet, never knew its this rich. Thank you for this helpful info

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