May Herb of the Month: Olive Leaf
Olives. This mediterranean food specialty has became a staple in diets across the world. You can find olives in salads, sandwiches, spreads and other tasty meals. Olive oil (the "essential oil" of olives) is also a common cooking oil we have grown to love that adds a nice taste and texture to cooked foods, as well as serving as a great base for making your own salad dressings from scratch. But did you know that the leaf of an olive is also an herb that has great nutritional benefit as well? It's so amazing how Mother Nature provides foods whose properties can be used for everything! 
Olive leaf comes from the leaves of the olive tree, which can be made into an extract, an herbal powder or an herbal tea infusion. Studies have shown that this herb can help to to regulate and even prevent high blood pressure, as well as improve blood flow to cardiac blood vessels. This helps to strengthen the heart overall. Olive leaf also helps to lower and regulate blood sugar, which is good news for those dealing with diabetes. 
It's anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce chronic inflammation and heals damaged tissue, which is also great news for those suffering from painful arthritis symptoms! When inflammation is greatly reduced in the body, it takes the strain off of the digestive and immune systems, allowing them to better absorb nutrients and protect your body from harmful ailments. Due to olive leaf's antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobal properties, the immune system specificially gets a boost in fighting off infections of all kinds. 
For those dealing with eczema, Olive Leaf helps to kill off the bacteria both internally and externally to improve symptoms. It also helps with some common issues that may occur vaginally as well. Drinking an infusion of Olive Leaf can greatly help those dealing with BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) and possibly help cure certain STDs too. 
Olive leaf is also a staple in skincare! As we all know, great skincare starts from within. It's an inside job that always reflects on the inside, so if you're looking to improve these kind of things, its important to make sure you're internally nourishing yourself with the right things. Olive leaf contains a compound called oleuropein (also known as OLEs), which helps to prevent free radicals that damage the skin as well as slows aging. With all this combined, you can see the result of an improved and invigorated skin completion. 
Talk about a glow-up! 
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  • Lakeshia Richardson

    Can this herb and any of the others be smoked if so, what do you recommend I use to smoke the herbs. Also if you do not recommend that these herbs be smoked, then should I DRINK them in the form of a Tea. Please help!!

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