Welcome to November! 
This month kicks off the many upcoming holidays that we all love to celebrate with friends and family. Not to mention the good food we love to prepare as well! Yummy.
Around this time, we tend to indulge a little more and get a little more lenient with our diets that we started earlier in the year. I mean, why not right? You've worked hard all this year, so its only right that you treat yourself to some good soul food!
There is absolutely nothing wrong with living a little, but as always, we want to make sure that we are still staying holistically balanced in our minds, bodies and spirits (I talk more about this in my eBook Bridging the Gap, which is available for purchase in my shop!) Basically, you want to make sure you properly prepare your body for good eats, or at least have some natural aides on board to help cleanse your system after eating really good! 
This month's herb, Milk Thistle, is a great compliment to the holiday season of indulgence, as it helps detox the body..the liver in particular. The liver is responsible for clearing out any toxins that accumulate in the body to prevent disease. While helping the liver to keep the detoxing process going strong, Milk Thistle also boosts the function of the lymphatic system, which helps to rid the body of waste, toxins and other unwanted things. It's also said that Milk Thistle can help to repair the liver from excessive drinking or other liver imbalances that manifest externally on the skin, such as psorasis. 
Along with liver healing, it is also very soothing to the digestive system. When we are eating really good, we all know the common tell-tale sign of a full stomach: you're so full that you have to bend over to walk. Sometimes that is a sign that you've eaten a little too much at the same time, which may not be too good for your digestive system! Milk Thistle helps to ease upset stomach and indigestion, as well as providing anti-inflammatory support that may arise when eating foods that cause inflammation.
Milk Thistle is essentially nature's Pepto Bismol, so why get the synthetic version when you can take the REAL thing? 
Last but not least, Milk Thistle is also good for --you guessed it-- producing milk! For my breastfeeding mamas out there, this herb helps to encourage more production of breastmilk for your baby to help make things a little easier. It also helps to reduce morning sickness if you are still pregnant too! 
It's always good to be proactive and practice preventative care rather than waiting until dis-ease sets in your body. So be sure to incorporate this herb into your home apothecary! You can prepare it as an extract, tincture or infusion. For more about staying holistically balanced in mind body and spirit during this season, as well as the many ways you can properly prepare these herbs for consumption, be sure to check out my eBook, Bridging the Gap

35 comments "November Herb of the Month: Milk Thistle"

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