October Herb of the Month: Horsetail

Hold on to your horses! The autumn season has finally made its debut! If you're on the East Coast, that crisp chill we just got is pretty telling! It may still take a little bit to settle in, but will be here to stay really soon! In last month's post, we started to introduce herbs that would best help with the transition of seasons when it comes to our physical and emotional well-being. This month, we are going to keep that up with introducing another herb called Horsetail

Horsetail is best known for carrying one of the highest concentrations of silica, which is a very important mineral that helps to build and repair bones and tendons, as well as aiding in the increased absorption of calcium. It's not a mineral we naturally have a lot of, so its a good idea to keep this in your natural pantry. Additionally, if you or one of your kids are recovering from a bone fracture, this herb helps with accelerating bone repair healing as well. October may be the month of seeing a bunch of skeletons around for holiday fun, but this herb makes sure you're not walking around looking like one of them before your time!

Along with promoting better bone health, it also helps to improve kidney health, which means a better regulation of toxins flushing out of your system and less occurrences of kidney stone build-up (if you are prone to that). We all know that flu season peaks at this time of year, but its also good to know that Horsetail is great at relieving some symptoms associated with colds, bronchitis and nasal blockage issues as well. For those suffering from diabetes, horsetail has also been shown to lower blood sugar levels.

Not only is Horsetail amazing when taken internally, but it is also a good herb that reflects beautifully on the outside! Its concentration of silica is also good for hair health and skin improvements, which means there are some great hair rinses and plant-based topical creams you can make from it, beauty lovers!  

My tea blend, Bones in Harmony, contains horsetail and other complimentary herbs that greatly aids in keeping the "chill out of the bones" and much more. It's now available in the Life Body shop for purchase, so go check it out! 









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