It's officially time to boost up that immune system for the incoming chilly season! The Autumn Equinox is right around the corner, which signals the start of Fall. Depending on where you are in the states, world and beyond, it's probably already started to get pretty cool! This is the perfect time to fill your body up with herbs that will keep your family cold-free (and stress-free!) 
Elderberry is a family favorite due to its sweet taste and the many, versatile ways it can be made that will agree with any tastebud, young or old! 
Studies have shown that elderberry's high sources of Vitamin A & C, as well as its immense amount of antioxidants helps to increase antioxidant levels in the body to prevent dis-ease and provide protection from viruses. If you do happen to catch a cold and flu after the fact, this herb still helps to reduce symptoms while also decrease mucus production. In general, the whole respiratory system benefits from elderberry, as it also helps to soothe irritation from things like a sore throat, bronchitis, asthma and even allergies. 
Beyond immune system boosts, elderberry also helps a range of other bodily systems as well. It helps to reduce inflammation in the body, with special attention to the urinary tract. Consuming this herb may help to reduce and even heal urinary tract and bladder infections, as well as cystitis. 
There are many ways to make elderberry. From creating a natural elderberry "cough syrup", infusing it as an herbal infusion or tea, or even making delicious popsicles from it, this is a staple you'll want to have in heavy rotation in your home this season! 
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  • Tae Taylor

    Can you provide the herb of the month for oct, nov, and December? Thx LBN!

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