3 Ways To Honor Your Root Chakra
Happy Thursday! We are nearing the weekend: a time to recharge, rejuvenate and reset ourselves for the upcoming week.
Earlier this week, we shared a few root vegetables that you should start incorporating more into your diet for this season that helps to physical ground you. Today, we will be sharing 3 ways to honor your "root" chakra in ways that energetically ground you. 


Wait...what is a Root Chakra? 

Your root chakra is considered the first chakra in the human chakra system. Focus on the red section above. To keep it simple, a chakra represents different energy points or portals in your body that physically connects to certain points in your body. For example, the root chakra physically connects to the base of your spine and part of your lower organs, such as your pelvis and perineum. 

Energetically, the root chakra represents your foundation and how safe you feel upon that which you've built. It represents stability, security, survival, grounding and self. Have you noticed that when you don't feel safe or secure within yourself, your money, housing and very survival is affected? Have you felt very mentally scattered and quite pessimistic about life lately? Do you have unexplained back pain (such as sciatica) and possible pelvic health issues? These are sometimes how root chakra imbalances show up in your life. You're not tripping..there's absolutely something to it. You have to get back to well.. YOU. 

 The good news is that there are some easy ways to balance this chakra energy point so that you can help release the stagnant energy causing these imbalances in your body and life. Why? Because you deserve to feel grounded with a peace of mind! 


Dance the Night Away


Move that body! Oh yes! Dancing is a great way to release tension in the body, relieve stress and activate those feel-goods. It is also a great way of being more present in your body, which greatly heals the root chakra. For women, getting into some form of sensual dance or bellydance benefits both our root chakras AND our wombspace! I highly recommend Sacred Sensual Movement Instructor, Tashia Ariel of Honeydrip Sensuals. She has some great sensual dance sessions that you can do live, online from your own home with her! You can message her here and book her there for more info.


 Nature Calls 



When's the last time you went for a little walk in the park? The weather is getting cooler, so now is a perfect time to get outside and out of your head. Walking in nature is another way of grounding that really soothes the spirit. If you're up to it, you can put your bare feet on a soft patch of grass or dirt. This helps to ground you even more, as you are directly connecting with the roots of Mother Nature herself. 


Accessorize & Crystalize 


Another way to honor your root chakra is to wear jewelry containing crystals that correspond to it. That way, its not only hidden in plain sight when needed, but also can be easily carried around. Not to mention it adds a nice pop to your wardrobe! Red Jasper (pictured above) is a great root chakra crystal that helps to clear the mind, restore balance and relieve anxiety. You can find this stone at your local new age or crystal store. 


Bonus! Below is a root chakra affirmation that you can say for the rest of the week. Repeat it as many times as you need to: 


Going into the weekend, incorporate these 3 things (along with the root veggies) into your weekend fun and see how much better you feel! We would love for you to share your experience with us!  

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