It's the start of a new week! And what better time than to introduce something nutritionally delicious to your diet, right? 
Last week, we shared alot on the benefits of eating root vegetables during this season, as well as some simple things you can do to balance your root chakra even more. 
The skeletal system is the foundation of our whole bodies in every way. When functioning properly, they sustain and help to create minerals, red blood cells and many other things that we need on a regular basis. Without it, we aren't in alignment with our optimal health, which can cause imbalances.
I have a herbal smoothie recipe that not only includes one of the root vegetables previously mentioned, but also includes one of my best-selling tea blends, Bones in Harmony! This smoothie brings the healing you need on both a physical and energetic level.
"The Roots" Herbal Smoothie Recipe
 1/2 cup Beets
 2 cups Raspberries
 2cups Strawberries 
16oz Bones in Harmony Infusion
Before preparing this smoothie, you want to make sure your Bones in Harmony infusion has already been made ahead of time so that you can easily add it in. To make a 16 ounce infusion, put 12 tablespoons of the Bones in Harmony into your infusion bag. Then add 16 ounces of boiling water to a 16 oz mason jar of your choice. Let it infuse for 4 hours. 
In your blender or juicer, combine the beets, raspberries and strawberries. Add your Bones in Harmony infusion and then blend. Due to the beets' very rooty consistency, be sure to blend it really well. Enjoy!
This blend is sure to bring a sense of physical grounding, while also flooding your body with the nutrients it needs at the very root. As with all things, consistency is key, so challenge yourself to drink this smoothie once or twice a week! 

1 comment "Bones & Beets: A Grounding Herbal Smoothie You'll Love"

  • Sonya Bansal

    Hi Tanya, thanks for this recipe. I tried it out and it actually helped with my digestion better than what I was using before.

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