Having dark underarms during the summertime can make anyone feel self-conscious. Please don't feel alone in this; there are plenty of women experiencing the same thing you are when it comes to this right now! You know how it goes..you shave more often in warmer months to enjoy your tank tops, sundresses and other sleeveless wear, but cringe at raising your underarms for anything because the site of it makes it look like you never shaved at all, or worse. 
There are countless pages of advice on Google and even Youtube on how to address this, but it may feel like you've tried it all with only temporary results or relief. 
So we decided to take the time to give you some natural remedies from a holistic approach (in pure Life Body Naturals fashion!) to help you address this common problem at the root. There is hope, ladies! 
Potential Factors  
Some incidences of underarm darkening can be attributed to a skin condition called AN, which is short for Acanthosis Nigricans. This condition could cause underarm skin to thicken and darken in folds, as well as itch, contributing to its unsightly appearance. This condition can also contribute to darkening present at the back of the neck, groin and even elbows and knees. 
According to a recent 2014 study done on AN (you can check out the study here), up to 74 percent of people are affected by this skin condition. It can also potentially be passed down through the family via the genes. Dark underarms in general can also be attributed to health issues. So you may want to take note of whether some of your family members have the same issue too. I'm sure there's a good chance that you'll discover at least one other relative that could benefit from this knowledge! 
Arkam's Razor
One of the more obvious culprits of dark underarms comes from repeated hair removal. Although it's necessary to shave when the occasions call for it, one other study suggests that repeated shaving could cause irritation that may cause the overproduction of melanocytes (these are your pigment cells that make up your skin color). 
Other Causes 
Other factors that may contribute to dark underarms can include obesity, being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, potential hormone imbalances and certain medications.
When you are carrying extra weight, your body will become more resilient to insulin which creates a chain reaction of heightened blood sugar, which can potentially cause overproduction of skin pigment cells as well. Sometimes this can develop into Type 2 diabetes, which has been highly connected with the AN skin condition. 
For hormone imbalances, this may be more present in those with polycystic ovary syndrome and those who suffer from hypothyroidism. 
Also, if you are on certain medications such as insulin, birth control and high dose niacin (such as Niacor for cholesterol), you may have more of an increased issue with dark underarms.
Lastly, another cause of dark underarms can lie in the foods you consume. A diet full of artificial sugars that are present in sugary drinks and other processed foods can also cause dark spots, hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration, along with some of the symptoms above as well. Eating a balanced diet with more living foods doesn't require you to completely abandon some of the things you love, but it does require you to be open to a lifestyle change in that regard. 
Life Body Natural Remedies 
Now of course, there are many ways to resolve this issue that includes creams laced with chemicals and more that would only cause more problems. So how do you get rid of this problem holistically? We have a few suggestions! To help lighten underarm skin naturally, you want to use products that have curcumin extract (aka turmeric), which is well-known for helping with these things. 


 To help with remedying this problem on the surface, Our Luna's Zen Skincare Essentials would help! It consists of our Luna'z Zen Cleanser, Herbal Honey Toner, Herbal Clay Salt Scrub & Moisturizer. 
Our Luna's Zen Cleanser contains curcumin extract, which will not only help to cleanse and soothe the area but start the process of naturally lightening it as well. (Click/tap on the picture below to check it out!)
Our Luna's Zen Moisturizer contains soothing botanticals that help to reverse hyperpigmentation as well. (Click/tap on the picture below to check it out!)
 When you do have to shave, our Herbal Honey Toner works great for soothing the skin and tightening pores with its aloe, marshmallow root and green tea content. (Click/tap on the picture below to check it out!)
Also, our Herbal Clay Salt Scrub will help with dark underarms as well by exfoliating away dead skin cells.
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 For more internal remedies for dark underarms to the issues described above, we recommend some of our herbal tea blends as well. 
If you suffer from hormone imbalances, our YinYang Herbal Blend is perfect for getting you back into balance. Especially if you're dealing with irregular periods. (Click/tap on the picture below to check it out!)
Our Ashwagandha Root Capsules may also help with hypothyroidism as well as stress and anxiety that also trigger hormonal balances.  (Click/tap on the picture below to check it out!)
For those looking to loose weight and lessen risks of getting Type 2 Diabetes, we recommend our Solar Fusion Digestive Blend, Matcha Green Tea, Immunitea, and Detox Kits to help flush your digestive system and ease inflammatory responses that could be interrupting your immune system as well. We also have a Parasite Cleanse for this looking for a deep deep cleanse.
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Let us know how these remedies help you in the comments below!!

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    Just read your blog about dark underarm remedies! It was very, very thorough and informative! Complete information on the causes of dark underarms. Thank you very much. I learned a lot!

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