How to Heal Eczema..Naturally!
We have been dealing with eczema from the time Luna was 6 months old. The photo above was her first break out, little did we know it wouldn’t be the last....
This was Luna on her very 1st Bearthday. The seasons changed and we witnessed her very first horrible eczema break out. I didn’t share photos besides the ones that you couldn’t see her eczema in. The world can be super judgmental and I didn’t want to have to deal with “the talk” about her skin on a day that I just wanted to see her happy and playing. We have been through blood, sweat, and tears dealing with this skin issue...literally! Eczema is not fun and there is no way of glorifying it. I didn’t know what eczema was until I witnessed it first hand. I’ve seen it before but I never knew the ends and outs. Luna spent long nights scratching and crying because of her “itchy” (that’s what she used to call it). Summertime was a hassle for us because long sleeves and pants became her only options. We couldn’t keep her from scratching. The more she scratched, the more her skin would crack, bleed, and even get infected. 
It came to a point that I grew so frustrated with her eczema that I was ready to give up! I cried countless times over watching my baby deal with this and feeling helpless. I felt I was being a bad mom for not putting the steroid creams on her. Her father even doubted the natural route saying, “Some eczema can’t be healed naturally”. I almost started believing it too. Out of guilt, I took Luna to the hospital to get steroids because at the time I wasn’t sure what approach to take.
I STILL refused to believe that this condition couldn’t be addressed without harming her with chemicals. All I knew was something HAD to change! So I took my herbalism knowledge and partnered it with my current studies of nutrition and made those changes! There was no way I was going to deal with this forever. I knew I couldn’t heal the problem without going internally as well as externally, so changing Luna’s diet and using herbs and other forms of Mama Nature’s medicine have helped us stay eczema-free! Luna’s skin has never felt so good! 

The photo above was over 6 months ago, and it’s the last time we’ve had to deal with eczema. It was her LAST horrible break out and we gave eczema the BOOT! It was the day “Luna’s Zen” was born and our Eczema Control Kit began being built. Luna will be 3 June 2nd and when the seasons change, she still has no flair ups. 🙌🏽  I started food journaling and watching how certain foods she ate affected her flair ups. Two of Luna’s favorite foods are ones that cause her issues: potatoes and sugar! Now that we have reset her system, she can have sugar and potatoes, but just in moderation. I started finding more creative ways of sneaking things like Diatomaceous Earth and Green Life Powder in her foods and drinks. She takes Diatomaceous Earth now almost daily inside of her apple juice. (We like the "Uncle Matt’s" brand) or we add it to what the kids call "red juice" (aka our Hibiscus Iced Tea). She drinks smoothies with Green Life powder in it and we also sprinkle it into plant based pancakes and any other foods or beverages we can get it in. 🌿
Now enough about us! 
Are YOU tired of scratching or watching your kids do the same and suffer from bullying because their skin is constantly inflamed? Well I’m here to share what I did for my daughter Luna to heal her eczema and keep it away! 
Process of Elimination 
First and foremost, you’re going to want to eliminate processed foods from your diet. Refined flour, fried foods, raw and refined sugars, dairy, soy, and maybe even nuts. Basically, all common allergens need to go. Do this for at least 30 days. A 90 day regime would be even better for serious cases. It sounds hard but really it isn’t, I promise! Eczema is way harder to deal with! If you need help transitioning, I can help you put together a yummy meal plan that works for you and your family. You can book a consultation with me here.
Go for the Green 
2. Chlorophyll, Chlorophyll, Chlorophyll! Chlorophyll helps to cleans and oxygenate the blood. Green Life Powder and Moringa and Alfalfa capsules are a great way to consume Chlorophyll. You can find Green Life Powder by clicking here and Moringa and Alfalfa capsules by clicking here. I recommend Green Life Powder for kids and adults who can not take a capsule, or for those who want to switch up their routine and still get benefits in yummy ways!
Add Diatomaceous Earth
3. Drink Muddy Water (Diatomaceous Earth and water) every night. You’ll want to be sure to drink this at least 1 hour before eating and at least 2 hours after. Use only purified water, not tap. I add it to Luna and Jaidan's apple juice to get them to drink it. You can find Diatomaceous Earth here
Keep it Clean 
4. Use natural, unscented, non pore clogging products on your skin (like Luna’s Zen ;) ). Topical steroids have horrible side effects to the body after prolonged use. Also, only use natural unscented body wash and laundry detergents.
Herbal Healing 
5. Drink herbal infusions or capsules that contain burdock root, licorice root, sarsaparilla, and olive leaf. (You can find an herbal infusion with burdock root by clicking here and sarsaparilla capsules by clicking here). You can also get elderberries to make elderberry syrup that you can give yourself or your child to get them to drink Olive Leaf, which is a very bitter herb. Olive leaf is great for when eczema becomes infected. (You can find Olive Leaf here.)
If you start to food journal and track what foods are problematic for you and follow the steps above, you should see results right away! Make sure to take some before and afters so that you can track your skin and watch in amazement at how just a few simple changes to your routine and diet can benefit your life in so many ways! 
If you would like guidance creating a individual healing plan that is unique for you, you can book a consultation with me by clicking here.
If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person and already have an idea about clean eating. Our Eczema Control Kit consists of our new size of Luna’s Zen, as well as essentials for cleansing the blood and rebalancing. You can click here to read all about it.
 Please know that you are NEVER alone with your eczema troubles, there is hope! 

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  • Dawn Vega

    My son has eczema and I have reactions to summer sun which burns and we live in California. What do you recommend?

  • Fleur Pepperell

    Tanya! I have struggled with this condition since I was 5. I’m now 32 and it’s gotten bad recently. Nothing works aside from powerful steroid treatment. Are you able to ship items to New Zealand? I would love to be able to try your products! – Fleur

  • Marisol arriaga

    What kind of cream did you put on ur baby because my son has it an idk what to rap

  • Akahaikealakai Meyers

    Hi Tanya! I just wanted to talk to you about my eczema situation and I don’t know what to eat to help my skin be better! I am kind of a very picky eater that’s why! Thank you!

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