New Moon in Taurus Energy Report - Week of May 15th 
May's New Moon is in the earth sign of Taurus. 
This powerful new moon in Taurus is all about change. Change is where choices come in to play through increased awareness and understanding. You're being invited to create the nurturing relationships you have been asking for. This starts with a more gentle relationship towards yourself, which naturally extends out from there.

Matters of the heart continue to be the focus as relationships take center stage. Are you living and working in alignment and integrity toward what you are wanting? This will be your self-reflection of how closeness, connection and communication continue to develop and evolve. Your own joy is key to the vibrant and playful energy you wish to give and receive. 

This new moon can also be a time when intentions are seen through to fruition, as well as planting new seeds for the near or distant future. The goals of love and work take the forefront. Whether it's soul purpose, soul mate or soul family related, you will begin to understand how your thoughts and feelings ultimately play a large part in the bigger picture. 

Strengthen your foundation. Get closer to Mother Earth and all the gifts she offers. Focus on your root, sacral, heart and throat chakras. Work with others in your community to build on ideas together. The levels of growth you are able to create and reach will be as stable as your foundation is. You are supported! Ask for what you want and need. Know you are absolutely worthy.

Allow yourself the creative space to breathe deep and simply be. This is a time of witnessing manifestations through consciously creating. Embodiment is an experience of sensuality, so allow your imagination to take flight! Speak life!

Know your value and your worth! Choose, allow, receive! It is time to focus on your dreams!
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