Happy New Moon in Libra! 
Last week, it was all about getting to the root of it all with foods and other self-care practices that help us balance, regroup and ground the base of our being, our root chakra. This week, we'll be taking it up further to our heart chakra, the soul of our being. 


The heart chakra is considered the center of our entire chakra system. Some even say that the soul resides here as well. Corresponding to our physical bodies, the heart chakra resides within our chest cavity. It includes our physical heart, lungs and the thymus gland. How divinely designed is that! Look at the picture above and focus on the green symbol. Now visualize that area in your body radiating with green, healing light. What do you feel?



Oftentimes, we are told to "think with your head and not your heart!" or we may hear that someone "wears their heart on their sleeve", suggesting that its a bad thing to sometimes follow your heart. But why does the heart space always get a bad rap? Connecting more with your heart space surely has great benefits! When your heart chakra is balanced, your capacity for loving unconditionally knows no bounds, you have more compassion, can see the beauty in connections and can easily forgive both yourself and others. When your heart chakra needs a little more loving, you may notice that you hold onto grudges more, find more solace in past hurts and find it hard to release anger and resentment. This can eventually manifest into heart problems, high blood pressure, chest pains and other tensions. 



For us women especially, making sure our heart spaces are clear and open to receiving is very important! Our love for our children, mates and friends runs so deep that we forget to pour that love back into ourselves. Past hurt and pains will cause us to shut down, making it hard for us to forgive ourselves for what we've been through. Sometimes we need a healing touch that jumpstarts our heartspace in the right direction again. There's no coincidence that our heart chakra is nestled behind our breasts. Our breasts are also an extension of our heart chakra and can be included in a self-care ritual that can bring balance to that space in a more practical way. 


"Powerlines to the Divine" Bath & Breast Massage Ritual
  • First, start by running yourself a luscious bath. Pull out all the stops! Include your favorite essential oils, candles, bath salts, flowers, bubble bath scents and music. For a more visual effect, use a little matcha green tea powder in your bath that can also help to clear energy from your heart space externally.  For tealight candles and ready-made sensual playlists, I highly recommend purchasing from Earth Wind & Finds to really set the atmosphere! 
  • Indulge in your bath. This is YOUR time to really pour into yourself. While in your healing green bath, anoint your heart space with the water, imagining that each wash is clearing away all heartache and pain. 
  • After bathing, take your time with drying off and moisturizing your skin. Dance a little and marvel at yourself in the mirror! 
  • Next, take your favorite oil and pour over both breasts. I recommend Vibrant Alchemy's Goddess Breast Massage Oil or you can make a quick breast oil for yourself using olive oil and essential oils of Jasmine, Rose & Chamomile. 
  • Cup your breasts and begin to gently massage them, going in the direction of your armpits. As you are massaging your breasts, say the below heart chakra affirmation: 



After you are done, make a generous size of our Bones in Harmony Herbal Tea Blend, allowing it to infuse over night so that you can enjoy it in the morning to continue your heartspace feel-goods! 


Continue this ritual for the next three days into the weekend. Let us know how you feel! 



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