Herbal Card Pull Reveal - Week of November 12th
Happy Sunday, Natives! 
Herbs and earth's elements all have meanings behind them. After all, they carry the Earth's energy within them! Ancient wisdom and many healing practices passed down from our ancestors before us continue to stand true today.
Last week, I posted a herbal card draw featuring three herbs that call out to you. I hope you all remembered which herb you picked! 

If you chose fennel and the seashell, your inner child is speaking to you. If you have any digestion issues, it could be something that started as a kid and followed you into adult hood. Digestion issues correspond with the solar plexus chakra. Your solar plexus is all about self-worth, self-esteem and feeling like you are enough. There may be a situation in your life right now where you’re struggling to control old patterns of behavior and not loving YOU fully. The universe has far greater things for you than your eyes can see. You just have to break through patterns that no longer serve you. The best is yet to come! Now is a good time to get in touch with your inner child and make time for some play in your life. Visit a beach, lake, or creek for some water therapy. It will help take the seriousness of everyday “adulting” away.

🌿Parts used: seeds, bulbs, leaves

🌿How to use: infusion, tincture, decoction, and culinary. You can eat a handful after a meal to help aid digestion. You can also make an infusion and drink regularly as a way to honor the solar plexus chakra and keep your digestion on fleek.

🌿Historical medicinal uses: Fennel is commonly used for digestion. Because it helps your digestive tract, it can also improve skin health. Fennel is also used to help colicky babies, indigestion, heart burn, and bloating.


If you chose nettle and rose quartz, your body and heart chakra want you to know that if you’re no good for you, you can’t be any good for anyone else. Sometimes we GIVE so much and are surrounded by TAKERS; people who would rather see themselves benefit than to open their eyes and see you have nothing left to give. We get drained to the point that we don’t even realize we’re still being used. Remember, it IS okay to say NO! No no no no no no.. go ahead.. practice. I’ll wait...

Nettle is a nourishing herb, great for all over body health. You can say YES to nettle as a way of nourishment for your body from the inside out. Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love and honors your heart chakra from the outside in. Drink nettle infusions daily and carry rose quartz with you at all times.

🌿Parts used: stalks, leaves, rhizomes, seeds

🌿How to use: infusion, tincture, juice, culinary

🌿Historical medicinal uses:
An infusion of Nettle provides our bodies with minerals and every vitamin we need with the exception of B-12. Its also been used to slow bleeding and build milk supply in lactating mothers. This plant is a well respected “everyday herb”.


If you chose willow and frankincense, it’s time for some cleansing and rest. It’s time to de-clutter your home and body. Get rid of items that are just taking up space in your home and mediate to get rid of mind clutter. You can use sage to energetically cleanse your home, as it cleanses all energy, good or bad. The frankincense will allow the good energy back in. Willow bark is also known as nature's aspirin. It’s active ingredient is salicin and has been used for pain in place of pharmaceutical drugs. Willow is saying: "It’s time to rest". Your mind and or body has been on go mode lately and needs some rejuvenation. Yoga can help to get subtle energy flowing and a good nap is in order!

🌿Parts used: bark, leaves, roots

🌿How to use: infusion, tincture, powder in vegetable capsules

🌿Historical medicinal uses:

White willow has been used to treat headache related pain, arthritis pain, lower back pain, fevers, and menstrual cramps. You can also chew on it to relieve tooth and mouth pain. Willow bark is considered to be a safer natural alternative for those who can’t stomach the side effects of aspirin. If you are using blood thinning medication or any prescription drugs,  please speak with your healthcare provider before using willow bark.
Did your herb pick resonate with you? What came up for you? Share with us in the comment section below! 

2 comments "Herbal Card Pull Reveal - Week of November 12th"

  • Yancie

    I chose Willow and that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. I need rest and a peace of mind.

  • I'Asia C. Allen

    I chose Nettle and rose quartz, and it resonated with me because I have had a VERY hard time with telling people no, giving so much of myself with no returns or not even a “hey girl how you doing”, I also have a rose quartz yoni egg but I havent used it as yet.. Yet Willow and Fennel also spoke to me as I currently use fennel for everyday digestive issues and willow bark in my herbal teas.. I need a total mental, spiritual, emotional and physical cleanse to get realigned with myself.. Thank you Tanya for sharing

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