How To Honor Your Herbs: Leaves & Flowers
"The Earth laughs in flowers." 
There's so much that Mother Nature unconditionally offers us. From the stones and crystals that she makes, to the rivers and soil, and even the vast variety of plant life that helps to sustain life in so many ways...everyday, we should be grateful! All of her offerings are always available and up for grabs. At her best, she makes sure that there is always enough to go around and then some! However, we must honor her in the way we take and receive what she gives in ways that also honor our bodies as well. 
One way to honor both Mother Nature and our bodies (which are also connected!) is to learn more about how to properly prepare her offerings before consumption. I can only imagine how the Earth feels when we are constantly taking from her and not giving back nor honoring her essence. If someone was using you in the same matter, you would definitely feel some type of way too, right? Although you would be plentiful in giving, it would be hard for you to continue doing so in that matter because of the disrespect and hurt you may feel. We can see this manifest all around the world in areas where there are droughts, famines and other imbalances. 
So here's some tea for you..
We all love drinking tea, especially during the fall and winter months. It's warm, soothing and comforting. But tea should also be just as nutritious too! We are all used to seeing tea packaged in little teabags that are later diffused in hot water, releasing the goodness in no time flat. How convienent it is to have tea ready in five minutes! But let's think about this..are we really getting the full nutritious experience of the herbs used in these teas if its medicine only has time to release at a whopping five minutes? How sway?? 
Getting to know our herbs a little better helps us along our natural journey to healing in big ways. Why? Because each herb that we choose to use has certain properties that require certain things that helps us get the best medicinal benefit from them. Each herb has a plant part that requires different steeping times. When these steeping times are honored, we're better able to extract the medicine from them more efficiently, which in turn provides way more herbal healing that we are able to receive in more concentrated amounts. Why waste good medicine? 
The first two plant parts that we will focus on this week are leaves and flowers.
These two plant parts are the lighter of the bunch and can look like fresh chamomile herb as a flower and red raspberry as a leaf, for example. When you are ready to indulge in a tea that contains the flower essence of a plant, you want to make an herbal infusion that allows it to steep for 2 hours minimum. When you are ready to indulge in a tea that contains the leaf essence of a plant, you want to make an herbal infusion that allows it to steep for 4 hours minimum. Yes, cultivating the good stuff takes time! The great thing about creating more concentrated versions of tea is that you can also use them in your foods and in other ways as well! I go more into detail about this in my current ebook, Bridging the Gap, which is available for purchase in my store right here! I also have some ready made tea blends that are perfect for maintaining your health. 
So the next time you are thinking about how to better honor Mother Nature, be sure to remember that you are also honoring yourself! 

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