How To Honor Your Herbs: Seeds & Berries
“The seeds of life inside my womb were present at my birth; a gift from mother's mother, on back to Mother Earth.”
In last week's post, I shared about the ways in which we can honor Mother Nature through the way we choose to consume her many offerings for the betterment of our health. The kind of offerings I talk about refer to the many herbs and plants available to us. Learning how to properly prepare herbs and plants so that we can receive the highest concentration of natural medicine benefits us all! 
Now that you know how to prepare the leaf and flower component of herbs to make more nutritious teas and infusions, you can now learn more about the next two herb components: seeds and berries
Leaves and flowers are the external manifestation of what originally starts off as a seed. You could consider it the fruit of its labor (pun intended!) that can sometimes look like berries too! The seeds of anything that is conceived is symbolic of beginnings, birth, new life and new possibilities. Properly preparing seeds and berries for consumption yields a little something that is more sustaining than a tea is, and definitely adds an extra nutritional boost during the winter months. It also takes half the time to prepare as well! To fully extract all of the herbal medicine from seeds and berries, allow it to infuse for 30 minutes at the very minimum. 
The kind of infusion that seeds and berries require is called a decoction, which is a quicker way to make a herbal infusion when you're not working with alot of time. This part of a plant creates deliciously nutritious herbal syrups (like the infamous elderberry syrup colds and coughs) and bath teas/decoctions. If you want to know how to make herbal syrups using seeds and berries, be sure to purchase my eBook, Bridging the Gap, available in my shop now! 
As your favorite herbalist, its my job to share as much holistic goodness with you as possible. Let us know in the comments how your natural healing journey has been enriched by our weekly holistic healthy bites! 

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