Cancer New Moon - July 2nd 2019
By Alice Jewell

The New Moon in Cancer invites a closer look into your personal world. What is it that influences you the most? How can you make the most of it?

Cancer is a water sign, so emotions run deep. Even if not always seen or felt on the surface. This isn't a test. 

It's more about asserting your personal best. Otherwise, what do you really have to give? 

It's summertime! So rather than thinking, (which only brings more thoughts), you are invited to feel. So much more is brought to the surface to feel and heal when adding to your sensitivity and awareness. 

What is it that influences you the most? Between fear and love? 

Consider this: With a new moon - you may not physically see much. The moon itself is invisible as it is somewhere orbiting between the Earth and Sun. 

So what about your passions? What about fun?

Lately, have you felt or experienced much?

The New Moon in Cancer invites you to make the most of what influences you and to find closeness in your familial ties.

Worry is the same as fear - so if there was no fear what would you do here?

Perhaps surrender? Not to something or someone outside yourself- but to your true authentic self. 

Who would you be undeniably? Feel into it! 

The power of your thinking helps you attract. It can also repel what you want to attract as well. 

Think about it. Do you wish to live or die? And why? Because the why is why you are here!!!

This Cancer New Moon invites you to get particularly clear.  Poor health thinking or wealth? It's really up to you. 
This up close and personal sign will play no games with you. So test yourself and find the truth. 

Worry is giving attention to anxiety and dis-ease; allowing your mind to dwell on difficulty or trouble.

However, you can equally combat this energy over actual or potential problems by welcoming and accepting every emotion as it arises. 

This is what Cancers New Moon is inviting you to do. 

Who are you? Beneath the guise or fear or mistrust?

Simply You Are Love. Expressing yourself in vivid colors for the world to see.
You are infinite possibilities!  

This means whatever your mind can conceive or conceptualize or remember -it can also choose to let go or forget. 

So the heart can live and breathe in peaceful harmony rather than fret. 
So what will you choose to focus upon? 

The truth is you are what you think. You are what you see. You are what you believe 

Ask yourself if you believe in infinite possibilities?

And if nothing contrary was ever said, spoken, written, or projected upon you.. 

What would you want to do?

Enter: Cancer New Moon. 
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