Bringing it Back to the Root!

I'm back with some chakra talk! Fall is officially upon us and I'm sure you all have experienced the shift in many ways. 

It's been a while since I've talked all about chakras, so I wanted to do a little refresher by starting from the root of it the Root Chakra, of course! 

What exactly IS a chakra? 

Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit. Chakras are energy centers in our bodies that interact with our bodies' ductless endocrine glands and lymphatic system. They help "feed" the body good energy while also disposing of unwanted energy. A wheel is always seen as a symbol of motion. With that concept, you can see how energy constantly needs to be circulated and re"cycled" in our bodies in order to keep us in optimal health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 


The Root Chakra, in particular, is located at the base of the spine and represents our material world, physical vitality/health, stability, security, grounding, foundation, and support. It is also associated with our mothers and Mother Earth herself. The organs directly impacted by the root chakra are our bones and adrenal glands.

When this chakra is clear and open, we feel grounded, secure and safe. However, when its blocked and unbalanced, we may feel insecure or fearful. We can not change and grow unless we feel safe and secure. So it's important to balance the root chakra first or else we'll lack stability and the grounding needed to take our steps to heal. 

Balancing the Root Chakra first creates a domino effect with the chakras above it; creating the change needed to move forward. 

How exactly do you balance the Root Chakra? 

There are several ways to heal and balance this chakra. Below are some practical ways to achieve this: 




Yoga Poses


Let's get our chakra-healing on! 


Herbs For The Root Chakra 


Burdock Root: This herb is a blood purifier that fights infection (and even slows down the growth of cancer!), balances blood sugar (which helps diabetic symptoms). It also helps to strengthen the lymphatic system by inducing lymphatic drainage and detoxification. It's also known to soothe arthritis, protect the bones and is high in fiber. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps to treat eczema, acne, and psoriasis. 

HorsetailThis herb helps to relieve fluid retention (edema), prevents kidney/bladder stones and urinary tract infections. It also helps to eliminate toxins from the body at an incomparable rate. This, in turn, helps to speed up metabolism. Its potent silica content helps with hair growth, while its rich selenium content helps your body process iodine, which also stimulates hair growth. Your bones (foundation) are also strengthened by consuming this herb. 

Dandelion Leaf: This herb assists with weight loss by promoting fat and cholesterol breakdown in the body. Drinking this before a meal will help you eat less by satiating you. Its diuretic properties help to flush out extra water weight. Dandelion is also known to be high in iron as well. Its fiber and potassium content helps to regular blood pressure. (Note: This herb is not to be consumed by those taking medication for diabetes, blood thinners, or lithium antibiotics) 

Root Tips: 

Eating three nutritious meals a day, drinking lots of water and eating fiber for elimination while also supporting your adrenals will help keep this chakra balanced. 




Foods for the Root Chakra 

1.) Beets 

2.) Purple Onion 

3.) Carrot 

4.) Radishes 

5.) Rainbow Chard (red) 

6.) Kidney Beans 

7.) Red Apples 

8.) Strawberries 

9.) Red Peppers 

10.) Cranberries & Pomegranates 

11.) Watermelon 

12.) Raspberries 


Want to learn more about the benefits of some of these root foods? Looking for some delicious ways to make root chakra-friendly dishes using a few of the foods above? Check out our previous posts by clicking/tapping HERE and right HERE


Affirmations For The Root Chakra 


"Today, I am present in my body." 

"I release fear and gain trust in the process of life." 

"I am worthy, I belong, I am centered and fully present." 

 "I am anchored and connected to Mother Earth"

"My needs are always met." 

"I am supported in all areas of my life." 

"I am always safe and shown the next steps to take. I trust myself and am open to new ideas." 

"I am secure in myself." 

"My future is financially secure." 

"I am safe, protected and secure in this moment." 


 BONUS:  7 Days of Chakra Balancing & Releasing 

Take it up a notch with your affirmations and challenge yourself! First, set a goal or intention going forward in this practice. Get a red 7-day candle. During this week, you will write down 7 things you're grateful for and 7 habits you want to release. Looking for more ways to honor your root chakra? Check out one of our other previous posts by clicking here.



When you heal from the root, its only up from there! 

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