There's Levels To This! The Truth About Cures

For a good while now, I've had a lot of people contact me asking for cures to their chronic conditions and other health concerns. As an herbalist and holistic health guide, I love to provide valuable information on how to improve your health from the inside out in more naturally ancient ways. However, when it comes to cures, I believe that there are a few things we should consider that will help us to reframe our minds about how improving our health can really work. 


In the mainstream medical field, the journey to seeking out a cure seems to go a little something like this: Chronic condition discovered --> Doctor's visits --> Synthetic medication prescribed --> Side effects discovered ---> more synthetic medication prescribed to counteract first round of medication ---> chronic condition symptoms persist and continues --> and the cycle goes on and on and..


Our bodies were not designed to be in a constant state of dis-ease. So what is the disconnect here? Why does it seem like we spend more time tending to the symptoms of the chronic dis-ease instead of actually reversing the dis-ease itself?



Symptoms = Surface. Remember, whatever is being cultivated on the inside of us, will manifest on the outside of us..whether good or bad! When noticeable symptoms pop up on the surface (i.e. our external bodies), it indicates that there was already something brewing in our bodies way before that our bodies simply couldn't stay quiet about anymore. In the mainstream medical field, the medications prescribed usually serve the sole purpose of only alleviating the symptoms of what's ailing you instead of getting to the root of what's causing the "dis-ease" in the first place.


"Our physical and energetic bodies are one, although often times we lose sight of that. When we stay open and bring conscious awareness to the role our energy plays (as well as the importance of consuming the right herbs and foods that contain the vitamins and minerals we need), that's when we can fully witness our healing. That's self-love in action!" ~ Tanya Scott (Bridging the Gap eBook excerpt


Proactive = Prevention. When nothing is going wrong around us, we sometimes don't have the motivation to remain present within ourselves. Staying healthy from the inside out not only includes making sure that we are physically consuming the right things, but are also energetically consuming (and maintaining) the right things too. When we aren't feeling balanced and rooted, along with the emotions and stress we may suppress, it causes a disruption between soul and body which can weaken the immune system and allow things to slip through. Over the course of time, you can only imagine the damage this can cause! That's why its really important to always check in with yourself emotionally, energetically AND physically. When you nurture yourself in this way, it helps to not only slow down any chronic illnesses, but also reduces the rate of any new ones that may form. It's never too late! 


"Our emotions serve as a communication bridge between our spirit and our physical vessels. They can either culivate or drain energy from our bodies. Stress from the emotions that we internalize can cause just as much cellular damage as the stress from a physically acidic diet can." ~ Tanya Scott (Bridging the Gap eBook excerpt)


So, how exactly can you address your health concerns? You must be aware of the issue, while also meditating on what the root of your health concern may be. Then seeking ways to naturally restore the balance in your body through alternative medicine and methods (herbs, live foods, meditation etc) will help you further along your journey. One of the most important things to remember about cures is that it takes time and doesn't happen overnight! Just as your health concerns took time to become a symptom on the surface, it takes patience to reverse those things so that you have a better quality of life. Being committed to yourself and your healing makes a difference. Noone else can do it for you! 



Are you looking for ways to incorporate more alternative remedies into your journey to wellness? There are plenty of tidbits that I've been sharing in this blog to help guide your way. You can check them out in my Holistic Healthy Bites section here. If you're also looking to learn more about herbal forms of medicine, as well as what herbs can help rebalance certain energy centers and organs in your body, you can purchase my eBook, Bridging the Gap, here! It's a great investment! 





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