Weekly Energy Report by Jewell

Aries New Moon Energy Reading for April 16th-30th


It is time to stand in your power and turn your focus inward!


How have you honestly been feeling internally?  Yesterday's new moon in Aries is bringing forth all kinds of changes; from weather patterns to awareness of your inner world that can no longer be neglected or take the back seat. While you may want the feeling of living happily ever after, there needs to first be a focus on what's really going on underneath it all in order to understand the bigger picture.


Have you been honest and open about your anger? Perhaps you have had a challenging time with it- be it someone else's anger or your own. Too often, we can fall into the people-pleasing routine that gets old real quick, diminishing your self-worth and self-esteem along with it. Your fire energy is the catalyst that you have been wanting yet perhaps avoiding. Open, real, honest, vulnerable - yes get intimate with it! Let it speak to you in the language your soul understands. Let it propel you forward in a way that is healthy; enabling you to undeniably speak your truth. That voice that perhaps you pushed aside is really about your fears. These fears of not feeling good enough..of not feeling loved is the fear that keeps you from fully showing up.



Aries is about taking bold new actions during this time of transformation and transition. It is time to do something different! Speak on it. Write it out. Take it to the mat perhaps with physical energy shifting like yoga or a new work out routine. Focus on your core. Your solar plexus is the energy center that houses your fire energy, making it possible for you to reinvent your self, your schedule, how you share your time and space and how you show up in the world in general. As the moon increases in visibility and strength, so shall you reemerge into the new improved version of you...IF you're prepared to do the work in your own becoming.

You are cosmically supported. Your angels, guides and ancestors stand by your side prepared to give you courage and conviction if you only will ask for guidance and direction. It is YOU who gives you permission. If asking for what you want has been challenging because of feeling your own fears and resistance, then the universe is saying to you now is the time to become clear. You are worthy. You are deserving. The merging of your masculine and feminine within you is the marriage of all that is whole and holy. Your validation, your very nature, is a rich inner world of imagination and inner child creation. Love your self back to life by acknowledging your feelings and listening to the messages of change they bring to you. It is time to stand in your power!


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