Life Body Naturals is an all-natural supplier of herbal medicine and body care products focused on helping people live their best lives! We’re currently fulfilling our purpose in ATL and GA; providing herbal products across the globe. We believe that healing in a balanced way is key. It all started with the passing of Tanya Scott’s elders and the birth of Tanya’s son, Jaidan. Tanya’s elders passed from illnesses of cancer, stroke, and liver failure. The devastation of their loss pushed Tanya to start on her journey as an herbalist and energetic nutritionist. The birth of her son pushed her to want to create a better lifestyle for herself so she could be a positive example for him to learn healthy habits-both for food and lifestyle. 
Health begins with what you feed your body, mind and spirit. With health and wellness being a top priority to our brand, we made sure that our herbal formulas were made of the highest quality and purest forms of natural ingredients. We’ve spent days, months and years formulating herbal blends to help the world focus on getting to the root cause of their symptoms. Where doctors prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to cover up issues that need to be addressed, we provide alternative forms of getting the job done that actually benefit you in the long run.
Today, Life Body Naturals is exactly what we set out for it to be from the beginning: an honest company that provides the best quality herbal formulas, body care products, and nutritional services to our customers that reaps the results you need and want!
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