Amethyst Flower Ring (PREORDER)


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This is a Life Body Hemps exclusive!! 


Allow our flower rings to give you a classy, calming, and energy enhancing approach to your sessions. When you inhale this high vibrational energy through your charged splif, have no doubt your opening your third eye and clearing your throat chakra with every puff.. puff.. pass! 

Chakras are energy centers in the body that correspond to certain organs. Each energy center in the body represents a theme that encourages holistic health and wellness. 

Amethyst is a crystal that helps assist in meditation, spiritual/energetic protection, increased intuition, dissolving negativity, and helps to balance mood swings. 

Each flower ring is uniquely made with copper and crystals that form naturally within the earth, that align with our chakras.

Energy is accumulated in the copper and just like a water hose, it will spray chi, subtle energy, through the energy conducted by the combination of the copper and crystals.

Copper acts as a capacitor, storing high vibrational energy, and the quartz doubles as an amplifier and focusing device when the stored chi is released. Each crystal is placed so that their points are pointing towards your splif, allowing the chi to flow into it.

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