Bridging the Gap


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I am dedicated to helping people heal their DNA by bridging the gap between energetic and physical medicine!

The purpose of this ebook is to be apart of reawakening the world to ancient ways of healing yourself. Coming back to nature is our focus. Staying on top of our health in a balanced way is essential. It's important to be open and aware to the energetic/emotional (energy in motion) side of healing. Our emotions can cultivate energy or drain energy from our bodies. Stress from emotions we internalize can cause just as much cellular damage as the stress from an acidic diet.

Everyday, we have the power to take responsibility for the energy we allow in and around us, just as much as the foods we allow into our bodies. After all, our physical and energetic bodies are one, although often times we may loose sight of that. Our emotions serve as a communication bridge between our spirit and our physical vessels. When disease takes over in our bodies, most of the time you will find your chakras aren't functioning properly, you're off balance spiritually, and lacking in self care.

That is where this ebook comes in to assist in Bridging The Gap on your healing journey.


What you'll learn:

•How to make your own herbal medicine and oils

•Which herbs and foods correspond to our chakras and the organs they impact

•Meditation and Breathing Techniques for stress and centering.

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