Crown Chakra Hitters

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Our Hitters are guaranteed to provide you with a discreet, convenient and potent way to have the lifted experience you need at any moment. With the infusion of select crystals, it also provides you with a classy, calming, and energy enhancing approach to your sessions with every puff! 

When you inhale this high vibrational energy through your Crown Chakra Hitter, you'll be activating your spiritual connection to the divine while also becoming more inspired by life again. The crystal infusion of Amethyst that is included in this Hitter helps to support the Crown Chakra by helping to bring clarity of mind, balances the nervous system and also helps to counter addictive behaviors and thought patterns. 

Chakras are energy centers in the body that correspond to certain organs. Each energy center in the body represents a theme that encourages holistic health and wellness. 

Each Hitter is uniquely made with glass and crystals that form naturally within the earth.

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