Eczema Control Kit

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“If it’s not coming out in your poop, it’s coming out of your skin!” What a statement right?


Eczema is the result of an unbalanced digestive and immune system. In today’s world, it can be hard to get everything we need from our diets. That is where supplementation comes into play! Our Eczema Control Kit is built with herbs for internal and external use to help you get back balanced.

Featuring our all natural external eczema cream Luna’s Zen for your body, face, and scalp. Our Herbal Digestive blend Solar Fusion to help cleanse the blood and flush toxins from your digestive tract and liver. Diatomaceous Earth for safe detoxification for children and adults. You also have the option of our plant based Moringa and Alfalfa capsules, or our plant based Green Life Powder, or both to make sure you’re supplying you body with the nutrients it needs daily to thrive! 

 Our Herbal Capsule Kit contains Sarsaparilla capsules, Moringa & Alfalfa capsules, Luna’s Zen, and Diatomaceous Earth. This option is for those people who don’t like to drink herbal infusions/ tea.