Herbal Clay Salt Scrub


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Exfolitation is one of the most important aspects of your home skincare routine for your face and body. By exfoliating regularly you’re helping in the removal of dead/dry skin cells on the surface of your skin. Exfoliation increases blood circulation, which in turn helps you to achieve healthy and glowing skin. Our body is made up of millions of pores. It’s easy for these pores to become clogged with dirt from the air and toxic body care products. When this happens, dark patches of skin can occur.  Exfoliating these areas helps to deeply clean your pores and lighten back to your normal skin tone. Our Herbal Clay Salt Scrub is for the face and body and is perfect combined with Luna’s Zen - Cleanser and finished up with Luna’s Zen - Moisturizer


Benefits of Herbal Clay Salt Scrub include:

1. Unclog pores 

2. Treat and Prevent acne

3. Helps your skin care products penetrate your skin deeper

4. It Boosts Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

5. Evens skin tone and rids dark skin patches.

6. Fights inflammation in the skin

7. Kills atopic fungus and infection

8. Brighten and Soften Skin 


This Herbal Clay Salt Scrub is FREE of peanuts, gluten, and other common allergens. It’s safe for use on adults and children and can be used on your face and body. The Herbal Clay Salt Scrub is for external use only, use precaution around eyes and other bodily openings. This product can be used on the face and body. Use all over and especially wherever your skin needs extra attention. (Dark areas, dry patches, etc) 

 Ingredients: dead sea salt, pink sea salt, white willow bark, olive leaf, lemon peel, activated charcoal, our proprietary blend of herbs, and genuine love!



Eczema and acne are essentially internal problems, so this exfoliating mask is only part of the healing. To heal your skin internally and compliment the results of the Herbal Clay Face and Body Mask, Luna’s Zen Cleanser and Moisturizer brings, we recommend our Detox Kit


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