Luna's Zen DAY Moisturizer

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 It is now available in a Day AND Night Moisturizer version! 

So, what's the difference? 

Our Luna's Zen NIGHT Moisturizer has some of the same ingredients you've grown to love, but with an extra herb blend designed to better help with healing hyperpigmentation. For that reason, this moisturizer is designed to only be used at night when you (or your little ones) are not in the sun. 

Our Luna's Zen DAY Moisturizer has some of the same ingredients you've grown to love, but WITHOUT the extra herb blend designed to help hyperpigmentation. For that reason, this moisturizer is designed to be used during the day (specifically in the summer) when you (or your little ones) will be out in the sun. 

Are you and your little one suffering from eczema? As a mom, I totally get the frustration that comes with helping your baby get relief from this skin ailment. My daughter Luna has eczema and with the use of Luna’s Zen Moisturizer, Cleanser, and our Detox Kit we’ve been able to remove steroid creams and other creams full of ingredients that just clog the skin.
I’ve seen the discomfort first hand that eczema can bring to babies, children ,and adults. That's why I've created this skin and hair moisturizer and Detox Kit to not only help you both get relief but to help nourish the skin as its recovering from eczema, psoriasis, rosasea, hyperpigmentation, and other skin issues.

Luna's Zen Moisturizer is FREE of peanuts, gluten, coconut oil, and other common allergens. It’s safe for use on adults and children and can be used on your face and body. Luna’s Zen Moisturizer is for external use only, use precaution around eyes and other bodily openings. Just like Luna's Zen Cleanser, a little goes a long way! 

 Ingredients: Mango butter, cocoa butter, calendula, comfrey, olive oil, vitamin E oil, our proprietary blend of herbs & mommy love!
This product is 100% Natural and may arrive to you in Liquid form during summer months. This will not mess it up in anyway, place the Luna’s Zen container in your fridge for 10-20 minutes. If you wish, you can remove the contents from the jar and use a wisk to mix up Luna’s Zen and add it back to it's container. 


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