Mugwort (Loose Leaf)


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The general benefits of Mugwort include the support of weight loss goals, thanks to its source of B-vitamins that help to boost metabolism, increase energy and boost fat-burning potential. It's nervine properties has been deemed effective in aiding in the reduction of anxiety, chronic stress levels, insomnia and depression; all things that can wreak havoc on your nervous and metabolic systems when attempting to loose weight. 
If you're still in the process of healing your skin from chronic skin conditions like acne, eczema and psorasis, this herb contains properties that can help to improve the digestive system by helping the liver produce more bile. This process helps the body to better expel toxins and digest fats so they don't reach it to your skin. It's blood-cleansing properties and high source of Vitamin E also helps to greatly reduce skin blemishes. As a bonus, its Vitamin C content also helps the body to produce more collagen production as well.  



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