Prehnite Flower Wand

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Enhance your ritual tools for your ascension. There are so many uses for our crystal flower wands! They can help to open your minds eye, enhance your dreams, clear your throat chakra and heal you in many ways.

Copper acts as an capacitor, storing high vibrational energy, and the quartz doubles as an amplifier and focusing device when the stored chi is released. Quartz can store, amplify, focus, transmit, transform, and balance energy. Quartz is useful for healing work, meditation, protection, manifesting, gazing and channeling. Quartz can be used for psychic visions and to communicate with spirits and other worlds. When smoking, you are naturally opened up to other dimensions. Using a smoking wand can amplify your experience when used correctly.

Count on Prehnite to get you all in your heart feels! Adding this crystal to your smoking experience brings peace and unconditional love to whatever you may be going through. If you are a healer to many, this is the perfect crystal wand to have by your side as it said to "heal the healer". If you are doubtful and full of worry, you can guarantee that Prehnite will help to restore your trust and inner knowing. 


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