Rose Quartz Roller


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Rose Quartz is the stone of love, and it's time to infuse all of that love into your epidermis! This roller can be used all over the face from the forehead, eyes, nose, lips, chin, jawline and neck. You can also use this kit on your body for sore muscles and to help promote healthy circulation. The roller is moved with just the weight of the roller pressing the skin. No additional pressure is needed! This kit can be used before applying makeup and while applying Luna's Zen Moisturizer or Face & Scalp Serum to encourage deeper penetration. 


Benefits Include:

+ Improve blood circulation & skin tone

+ Improve elasticity of the skin

+ Promote lymphatic drainage

+ Reduce puffiness and wrinkles

+ Reduce dark under eye circles

+Eliminate toxins + tighten and reduce pore size

+ Helps skincare products better absorb into the skin




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